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The Tibet biker. This Swedish guy has been about everywhere in Tibet by bike. See his very nice infopage

"I cycled 3 different routes on the roof of the world yet. I made two Tibet traverses and explored the remote spiti-valley in india, close to the tibetan border. when not on tour, iīm really missing the snow capped mountains in front of the deep blue sky, the colourful praying flags, the endless gravel roads, the accompanying telephone lines, the kilometer markers, the blue "on-the-way-to-hell" trucks, the friendly, happy, but ignorant-to-cyclists truck drivers, the sorry-no-beer-villages, the delicious instant noodles, the 761-army-biscuits, and last but not least the chinese version of red-bull. everybody who already cycled in tibet, knows what i am talking about" !!

Take also a look at his partner Markus' version of their 4K Tibet trip. Got a bunch of photos (in German).

One hell of a hardcore biker. Jeff used just 2½ months in 99 to bike across the whole Tibet (Kunming-Kashgar). I met him in Kashgar just after he had finished his Tibet trip.
Ray Kreisel is among the most experienced Tibet cyclist of all. His site contains loads of high quality of photos and long stories about his Tibet trips. One of my absolute favorit sites!
5 hardy men and women biked the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan and continued down through West Tibet until Kailash/Lake Manasarovar, there they gave up and did the rest of West Tibet by truck. Click here for the West Tibet part

A trip from Thailand to Poland. Biked through East Tibet.

"The article is about a cycling trip that I did through Tibet and Nepal, and should make interesting reading for Cyclists or travellers"
"This website is aimed at providing information for those planning to rough it on their way into, through, or out of Tibet, and in particular those who want to do it all by themselves. By nature, this information tends to be anecdotical. It's a collection of experiences, and experiences of others should never be taken for granted, and taken only as an indication for what might be possible and what might not"
His page tells the story behind his trips on Friendship Highway in Tibet and Karakoram Highway between Pakistan and China. Info on both roads included. Really good site.
Contains very nice pictures from a a Golmud -Kathmandu trip (part of a long tour).

Info on how to get through east Tibet. Also take a look at this

"In the summer of 1997, Martine Vos and Frans Cornelissen traveled by tandem bike from Kunming, Yunnan, China to Kathmandu, Nepal via Tibet. They were the first ever to travel the famous Lhasa-Katmandu highway through the Himalayas by tandem bike.

"At the beginning of 1998, my friend Richard (who we'll refer to as Mr.C) and myself (who we'll refer to as Mr.D) went on a bike ride through the streets of Bangkok. Four months later we arrived exhausted and relieved into Kathmandu after a journey of over 5000kms" Read the The East and central Tibet part.

"In Aug 1994, I and my friend Okuda covered 1,000 kilometer in one month with fully outfit from Lhasa, which is the largest city in Tibet to Katmandu in Nepal. On the way to the road, we had suffered from altitude sickness and other symptom which have never experienced before."
Very informative page on biking the Friendship Highway. + road info
My god - Tour de France has arrived in tibet
"This is a report on a bicycle trip from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. There are links to information on Tibet and Nepal, plus some places and items mentioned in the report. Some trip statictics are also included. The menu bar links to a group journal and picture"

"On the morning of the 30th April, one day before we were due to bid our glorious guide Sony farewell, he was on edge. We were in the dusty, dirty town of Bamda which squats at the junction of Highway 318 (the "Chingzhong Road" to Sichuan from Central Tibet)". Check out their Marts/april stories on Tibet. Latest News Index. Really a lot on East Tibet.

"The 93 km marker stone will be forever in our memories. It was here that the real adventure began when we bad farewell to the paved road for the next 2,000 km"

Kilometer table for east Tibet and Graydon's Travelogue of the trip through east tibet are especially interesting. Gota write more - later
Strange I never felt over this website before. Beat Heim is a guy who loves cycling high places (like me). He has been cycling all around the world including in Tibet. His site is really good organised and includes altitude maps, photos and notes as well.
Seb Fourure Got a new Kilometer Table for West Tibet.

Tibet's Chang Tang links

In April 2002, four experienced adventurers will set off to cross Tibetís notorious Chang Tang; and around the world millions of children will collaboratively act as mission control, helping to guide the teamís every step via the Internet
"Eager to get away from it all? You could hardly get further than the Tibetan Plateau, a swath of high, cold, dry steppe as big as the United States east of the Mississippi River."
"The size and complexity of the famous Swedish explorer Sven Hedin's bibliography rival the scope of his explorations."

Other Tibet links

Commercial travel agents. Got a lot of practical info on Tibet.

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Weather, banks, communicatio flight info ect.
"We hitched 3000 kilometers from Kashgar to Lhasa across western Tibet. One the way we crossed plateaus that exceeded 5000 meters and made a circumambulation, or Kora, around Mount Kailash"
Info on Tibet.
"Mystical land, Shangrila, Forbidden Country: Tibet has many names and inspires an air of mystical dreams. However, Tibet is real and a beautiful place to travel. World monuments like the famous Potala in Lhasa and temples in Shigatse and Gyangtse testify of a high culture, while beautiful landscape inspire for treks. For pilgrims from many religions there are sacred places like Mount Kailas."
This site contains interesting travel advice on Tibet travel.
"The quality of the following maps is of course reduced due to the the drastic compression made". Still very good!
This site is designed to help you plan a wonderful cycle tour in China. At BikeChina, we believe small groups enhance the experience."
Satellite and enviromental maps of Tibet.
"On October 16, 1962, the Peoples Republic of China invaded parts of Himalayan India, in a surprise attack that ended millennia of peaceful co-existance between the two Asian giants. As a result, approximately 43,000 square kilometers of Indian territory is still under occupation by the PRC."