In 1999, I biked solo through Kashmir from Islamabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in China when India and Pakistan were on the verge of war. I wanted to continue through West Tibet, but was stopped by severe flooding, bringing me down along the southern edge of the Taklamakan desert. (Jan. 2002 - added a couple of maps).

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- among the thing I experienced was a two days intense talk with a journalist who had been fighting in Afghanistan and who also had made an interview with Bin Laden two days before his camp was bombed - the journalists in the Press Club in Ralphindi told me war against India would occour within 14 days - started cycling - was interrogated by Pakistani intelligence service - met convoys of soldiers with deep empty eyes and ready for war - hit the mountains for real - bus for 200 km for safty reasons - cycled over 4750 meters Kunjarab pass and entered China as a happy man - went up to camp one on Mt. Mustagh Ata - experienced the incredible Sunday market in Kashgar - cycled in the outskirts of Taklamakan desert - was stopped on the way up to the Tibetan plateau by missing bridges and crazy road conditions after torrential rain - went down along the southern Taklamakan road, tried a road leading up to the Kerria pass i Tibet, but was stopped by flooding again - went to Qiemo where access to Golmud was hindered by flooding. Took the bus to Urumqi across the Taklamakan desert, flew to Hong Kong, flew to Kathmandu, flew to Denmark.

Click here for a map of the Pakistan part of the trio.

Click here for a map of the Chinese part of the trip.

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Cycling in Shangri-La: Bicycle Misadventures on the Roof of the World

Steep section in Kashmir near the border between Pakistan and China.

The border between Pakistan and China at 4750 meters. I'm second from the right. The guy on the right had biked 4.000 km with his girlfriend's 15 kg dog. She (on the left) later died in a climbing accident.