Timetable for Karakoram Highway

23 - 27 June Islamabad.
28 June Islamabad -Taxila
29. June Taxila - Haripur
30. June Haripur - Abbotabad
1. July Abbotabad - Cuttar Plain
2. July Cuttar Plain - Thakot
3. July Thakot - Pattan
4. July Pattan - Dassu
5. July Dassu - Gilgit. . I actually took a bus for 200 km from Dassu till Gilgit, but this was because the country was on the brick of war with India, I didn't knew anything, saw huge convoys of army trucks and everyone told there would be war soon. In the press club in Islamabad all the journalists also believed in war during my visit there.
6 - 12 July Gilgit. I was sich for one week, but was lucky to be at a very nice hotel.
13. July Gilgit - Ghulmet
14. July Ghulmet - Karimabad
15. July Karimabad - Gulmit
16. July Gulmit - Sost
17. July Sost - Checkpoint Sleept there.
18. July Checkpoing - Crossing the actual border to China. Camped in the middle of nothere.
19. July Camp - Tashgurgan. 100 km headwind.
20. July Tashgurgan - Camp on road near Mt. Mustagh Ata
21. July Camp - Mustagh Ata Base camp
22. July Trek to camp 1 and back to base camp
23. July Base camp to Hotel next to Kara Kul lake
24. July Kara Kul,ill, Foodposining from Base camp
25. July Kara Jul - Kashgar. 197 km trip that day. some 14 hours. The thought about a shower was the key.
26 - 29. July Kashgar.
30. July Kashgar - camp in desert 90 km that day.
31. July Camp - Yeching. 165 km
1. August Yeching - camp in the desert 74 km
2. August Camp to camp in the mountains. 58 km
3. August Camp to broken bridge 3 km!
4. August Bridge to Yeching with bus. Met two Russians who walked though the mountains. They told that Three bridges were gone, that 100 m. sections of the road were gone, and that they had risked their lives for crossing this section on the mountainsides. Was told that it would take up to 30 days to make the road accesable!!!
5. August Yeching. Time to think.
6. August Yeching - Sugan. Want to try one of the small roads into West Tibet
7. August Sugan - sideroad.- Sugan. Road leads to nothere according to locals.
8. August Sugan - Yuian by bus
9. August Yuian - Nurlangar. Duststorms and flooding. Even locals cannot cross this sideroad.
10. August Back to Yuian.My plan is now to go to Golmud
11. August Bus to Minfeng
12. August Long bustrip to Qiemo.
13. - 16. August Qiemo. Stomac problems -> no bus! Told that The road to Golmud is blocked by....FLODING. Too much!
17. August Bus to Urumqi
18. August Still on Bus!! Turning into a killer trip.
19. August Arrives in Urumqi after 54 hours in bus. Crossing directly through the Taklamakan desert on a HIGHWAY! Trip supposed to take 32 hours, but...floding and a engine breakdown.
20 - 23. August Urumqi. Resting and thinking what to do now.
24. August Fly to Guangzhou near Hong Kong
25 - 30 August Hong Kong/Macau
31. August Fly to Kathmandu
1. - 5. September Kathmandu
6. September Fly back to Denmark