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On The Road To Janaidar An internet book (!) on a Mustagh Ata expedition.

Mustagh Ata' 98 "For those who would like to go to Mustagh Ata for a low cost, there is only one way: Manage your expedition by yourself. Simple? Not so hard. The game is worth the candle, because besides the good experience, you will save up to 50% in comparaison with commercial expeditions. So, here are some informations, help you to fulfill your dream!"

Expedition to Mustagh Ata "Rising from a high plateau to the north of the Pakistani Karakoram, Mustagh Ata stands in a remote part of China's Xinjiang Province. At 7546m high it is a big mountain, but the standard route up the gently angled south west slopes presents no great technical climbing problems." This was a commercial expedition. Lot's of interesting details.

Mustagh Ata "Normal Route (7 members summit) We were blessed with a clear view of the new route"

Kashgar Mountaineering Association "There was a agent to help you organise your trip to Kashgar in order to climb peaks, tour the t desert, travel the ancient Silk Road based on the cheaper price by offering very quality, efficient, well-organized service". Mail Keyou for climbingpermit if you plan a Mustagh Ata expedition.

China - Mustagh Ata In German. Lot of info.

Mustagh Ata '99 Loads of photos

Mustagh Ata "The main purpose of this page is to provide a lot of photographs of Mustagh Ata and some of its surrounding region."