Recent trips

"He who is outside his door already has a hard part of his journey behind him". Dutch Proverb.


4th October 2007

This summer I biked some 2.000 km from Madoi in East Tibet to Qiemo in the outskirt of the Taklamakan desert. Then another attempt was made to beat my Guinness record in altitude cycling, but unsuccessful. Highest point reached with the bike was 6.450 meters. At least I'm now the "proud" holder of the highest bike puncture ever, set at 6.200 meters. In total I spent two months biking together with Jeff Garnand and lost 10 kg. We also biked 4.500 km together on the Tibetan plateau in 2004.

Here a link to jeff's photos from the trip.


19th Marts 2007

I’m back after cycling for 1½ months in Southern Chile and Argentina with Heather from UK. Wanted to go to Bolivia as well, but time ran out. Reports on flooding in Bolivia made the decision easier. However, I have now become even more eager to inhale the highlands of Bolivia during a long bike trip.

November 2006

I'm back from 2 months of cycling in Tibet. Did some 2.500 km mainly on small gravel roads and went over 4 passes over 5500 meters - one was 5746 meters. I also "ran" to the source of Indus and back to the road again in one long afternoon/evening (four 5700 meters passes), Two days later I walked 53 km. around Mt. Kailash in one LONG day (my third Kora) before visiting fascinating Guge Kingdom in Western Tibet. About half of the route I biked with Dominique from France who also took part in the crazy walking sessions.

I also wanted to cross Tibet's uninhabited Chang Tang solo again, but unsuccessful. In Ali I bought some 55 kg. food and 10 L gasoline. Took a bus from Ali to Sumsi and jumped off the bus at 4 in the night in the middle of a snowstorm, thinking I had to be absolutely crazy while I set up my tent in - 20 C.

Then I spent two long days dragging and pushing my insane heavy bike through snow and mud - came only 24 km forward to the east. On the second night I came to the conclusion I would end up in a very bad situation later on deep into the wilderness - would with this speed run out of food and gasoline with winter rapidly approaching -here a picture of my pretty loaded bike!

It was an easy choice. I went back to the main road - took a truck + bus for three days to Kashgar and then flew back to Denmark over Hong Kong.