I took some 850 photos in China this summer. Begun to upload some from the Kerriya trip. Made a splitup of the photos over some pages - alternatively click here to get a page with all photos. Drag the mice over the photos and a small text add will turn up. As usual, click on each photo to get an enlarged version in a new window. Click here for a short text version of the Kerriya trip.

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- Cycling the 240 km from Kashgar to Yechingen along the Taklamakan desert

Andy burning in the Taklamakan desert sun. He had to give up on joining us because he became sick.The main road leading south around the Taklamakan desert - here in a desert oasis.

- Start to bike up to the Tibetan plateau at some 4500 - 5000 meters altitude.

First roadnumber on road 219 - some 2000 km long into central Tibet Last part of the asphalt road before hitting the beginning of the Tibetan  pleateauEmpty riverbed we camped next becomes a gushing flashflood during night forcing us to  move campspot. Restday trek to the top of top of the hills surrounding us.

Attemtion in village while buying foodOn the way to a 3300 meters pass on muddy gravel road

Washing bike in waterfall - tents placed in cave. This stone telt down on my tent in the cave just before going to sleep - first wondering - then shock - then moved the tent in panic!

On the way up to the first 5000 meters pass, nearly 100 km  uphill biking. Perfect weather for photographing - here Nadine

Janne and Nadine Still on the way up toward the 5000 m. pass

Yaks where we are about to camp Truck accident! Driver sleep on the right side of the road to bikers like us to steal the

Old fortress guarding vally leading to India's KashmirNadine on the way up the last switchboard sections toward the top of our first 5000 m. pass

On the top of the passStones collected for roadrepair along the river

Dishwash in the morningWhat a place!

Janne Washing dirty socks

- The military road toward the Karakoram pass and India.

The turnoff leading to the Karakoram pass on a military road25 degress hot creek

On the way up the military road toward 5133 m. pass.