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Toward top of military road passOn the top of the windy 5133 meters pass

About to descend some 100 m. down to a 5000 m. pleateauSome 70 km. to the Karakoram Pass and India

Down at last day's restplace again - turned back by angry military officers we met, following us some 20 km back down the passOn the main road again toward Aksai Chin

Denied futher cycling on the military road, we have to continue on the main road toward Tibet.

Roadworker station on they climb up toward the pass marking Aksai Chin, Chinese KashmirJanne in high speed

Low skies and strong sunJanne and I take a break, wating Nadine to catch up.

Entering Aksai Chin, Chinese Kashmir - a 5000 meters plateau

Arriving at the top of the pass - Aksai Chin awaitsLocal hailstorm in Aksai ChinMainroad  219Photo session

Late in the dayHot cycling at 5000 meters altitudeCamp spot of the day