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Just camped - everything unorganised. Instant noodles in the left down cornerTurn-off toward India in Aksai Chin

willing to exchange anything for views like this!Truck dump hole called Tielong. The nearby lake is about to swallow the array of depressing restaurants

Inside a Tielong restaurant and sleeping placeFor some strange reason, loads of graves can be found along the Aksai Chin road with 1979.8 - deaths from a clash against India?

Surpreme surroundingsBad weather comming in after crossing a some 5300 meters pass

Next to the borderstone marking the border between the Xinjiang and Xizang (Tibet) provinceDescending from the border pass when a snowstorm hits us

Sumsi truck spot in front - camp just after it and use one day for reconniance in truck.We cycle back again to the Tibet border pass and turn east into the Chang Tang nature reserve

- After we entered Tibet, we went off-road, cycling into the Chang Tang nature reserve wilderness.

Prayerflag marking small pass - Just passed around this salt lake

Hot spring next to our campspotBarrenness