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At this time, we didn't realise we would end up  spending most of a week on the east side of this glacier massive.Different photo

Sky Highway along the vallyRock formation to the south

- After reaching the Bangdag lake in three day from the main road, we turn north into the Kunlun mountains.

empty, Bangdag lake hidden by horisonGegun to drag bikes over small 5100 meters pass north of Banddag lake

Found a trucktrail to cycle in - ground too soft outside the such trailsjust descended from the small pass, river behind photografer

Followed this river for some 1½ day to the eastCrossing icy river in the morning

janne crossing riverRiver comming from a nameless peak futher to the east, now we turn north (left)Tsampa (tibetan food consisting of butter tea mixed with crushed grain - not that tastyAscending up toward a small range of hill covering the kerriya pass.

Close to glacier